Saturday, 12 January 2013

LAS VEGAS: A scream and a woop-woop

A scream and woop-woop rings out from across the floor of the Casino. 
From somewhere amongst the acres of slot machines, somebody has won.
I continue to stand in line for arguably the most expensive Americano in the world.


The Venetian, molto italiano and ever so slightly camp 
It is Sunday morning, day three, I arrive at Jean Philippe Patisserie (the lobby coffee shop), the casino slot machines appeared to be lying in for a Sunday, a few guys wandering aimlessly across the casino floor.

Yesterday another day of work and work related chores for the sales convention, from room to beige room, beige carpets and the occasional sliver of blue sky through a high glass ceiling. From the Aria Hotel we walk across the Bellagio to check our rooms for the next day, we are sluggish after too large a lunch at the Aria’s eating-place.

A little late for my evening rehearsal, it is fatal to go back to the room and rest up for 30 minutes! Clawed my credibility back by 21:15.

A large amount of Texans wearing hats

Sunday morning and at 06:50 the sun is coming up and lighting up the faux Italianate architecture around the Bellagio’s pool with its sentinel cypress trees, a little bit of Tuscany in southern Nevada.

Sunday comes and goes in a whirr of assignments around the conference and peaks in my co-moderating a group of five hundred sales people, very exciting and we achieve our outcomes.

Shipping out: Monday morning I go down to the lobby and buy my last expensive Americano. The server, Mandi, confirms my order before I have given it, I have arrived.

Back in my room, now packed and ready I look out on ‘The strip’ and contemplate a walk along Las Vegas Boulevard before the long flight home. 

I walk some of the strip and treat myself to a Big Mac Breakfast
The sun hits the glass of the adjacent building; everything is orange for a brief moment. All hail Las Vegas.

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