Tuesday, 9 October 2012


 The following Monday evening, the familiar route to the hotel,
Again smiling sweetly for a sandwich and a beer before bedtime.

Vilnius and I am again aware of this extreme youth and boutiques on the main street,
Gediminas Avenue.

A small time before leaving for the airport and home:
A visit to the Russian Orthodox Church - The Church of Blessed Virgin Mary
Up on the hill and by the river.

Hearing the closing words and chants of the afternoon service as I draw.

I am the last to leave this lovely place
A smiling lady locks the great God door behind me.

I had soaked the label off the bottle of beer and put it in my book the night before
Now pasted on the same spread as my drawing of the church,
Of itself the label looks apostolic, its colours with gold leaf surround match the interior.

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