Thursday, 1 July 2010

A finer form of art

The other day I was lucky enough to catch up with Juliet Johnson, long-time chum and Director of Frost & Reed, a fine art dealer whose gallery stands proud at the end of King Street in St James.

Its always a thrill to step into the finer side of painting: Juliet walked me round two exciting shows there at the moment Marcel Dyf and Kate Giles. Exciting for very different reasons.

Marcel Dyf is a 20th century Impressionist, a Frenchman who was a genuine inheritor of the tradition of Renoir and Monet, who was painting in some of the same places. It was wonderful to be intimate with work that transport you directly to the french countryside and the water's edge.
And on to Ms Giles: Standing in front of her work the vigour of St Petersburg and mysticism of the woods around the Pushkin Museum almost overwhelms; as Juliet talks intimately of Kate’s energy, enthusiasm and excitement as a painter. This is an artist who was quoted recently

“I sometimes want to turn the machine off but as an artist you can’t,” . . .

I’ll leave it there, except to share the link

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