Friday, 11 June 2010

Hong Kong - Salut

Hearing London Heathrow flights called and knowing they are not applicable.

I am on the way to Cairo in the pay of my masters. Work here finished and not for the first time I am leaving this city late on a Friday evening stripped of every ounce of energy. Nonetheless a good week.

Last evening I indulged in my favourite pastime in Hong Kong; a ride on the Star Ferry, across the harbour from Wanchai on Hong Kong Island to to Tsim Sha Tsui. Journey time 10 minutes, and the most romantic boat trip on the planet. I crossed to Kowloon in daylight, every building shades of Dove grey and returned in darkness with the lights of a hundred high buildings turning the water into an upturned jewellery box. Quite lovely and a priviledge.
The ferry has been running since 1890. Before bars and clubs and other places to meet couples would would rendezvous on the waterfront and board the Star Ferry, riding back and forth, all evening, a lovers tryst aboard this wonderful boat.
Soon they will call my flight and I will settle into 14C, and sleep in a seat that goes backwards.

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