Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Catch a Cathedral: A is for Arundel

A splendid example of Gothic Revival, this church sits above the town like a Disney palace.
The Cathedral Church of Our Lady and St Philip Howard was dedicated in 1873. Built in the French Gothic style of the 1400s and made possible through the generosity of the 15th Duke of Norfolk. He also ‘sponsored’ the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Norwich.

The church looks lofty from outside, inside its delicate nave arcades accentuate this. 

A magnificent place and sadly one of our shortest visits; A Requiem Mass was taking place later in the morning so we had just twenty minutes to pay our respects before being ushered out.

This is a small extract from English Cathedrals: A journey in drawings The book is an affectionate voyage around the country capturing on paper the wonder of these very special places. It is to be published in April 2016. Copies can be ordered in advance, £16 including postage and packing, via www.timbaynesart.co.uk