Sunday, 15 September 2013


In my continuing quest to visit Simon Jenkins’ top church picks in Buckinghamshire I again went north of Aylesbury to see three more, one of which, All Saints in Wing, gets four stars from Mr Jenkins.

Norman Magic
St Michael and All Angels in the Village of Stewkley has so much Norman decoration inside and out. Lovely zigzag carving and around arches and doors and its sturdy tower is similarly adorned. The church narrowly missed being ‘moved’ as it was part of the 1970’s site for a third London airport at Cublington, down the road

A fire clears away the Victoriana.

One would never wish fire on any church however All Saints Leighton Buzzard (in Bedfordshire) suffered such in 1985. However the sad event did serve to clear out of a lot of Victorian appendages.  The refurbishment has been wonderful with 18 angels flying from the interior roof in gold and blue tunics.

Saxon Splendour
All Saints Wing one of the great Saxon Churches in England. Its Apse has a crypt beneath it, which you can just peek into. Its lofty pain interior represents the simplicity and solidity that was the hallmark of that period. Nothing gets in the way and later additions don’t detract!

This is a very different part of Buckinghamshire to ours down south, very little traffic and the constant hum of Heathrow and the M40 and impatient 4x4s.
Blessed Bucks?

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