Saturday, 19 January 2013


Everyone remembers their first time in front of St Mark's Square in Venice
St Marks Square  Lino Cut: Artist's Proof  14 x 21 cms 
I have painted this wonderful facade so many times and never tire of trying to get it down on paper! I have worked on a lino cut over the Christmas break and taken one proof on my dear friend Patricia's press the other weekend.

Just before Megan was born we made that Venice trip.

My diary 2nd March 1996:

Hotel small but well appointed swapped rooms with some old biddy who'd been given a room with a flight of stairs (and she could hardly walk).

Tea (two cups each for £5.00) at Florians - has to be one experience not to be missed.

Walking back from a trattoria near the Rialto I tried to cross St Marks and found the water deeper than the average puddle!
Spring tide it appears!
Retreated back to the edge (of the square)
lost balance
wet foot - trousers - gloves