Friday, 24 May 2013


We sit right at the top of the garden,
looking back towards the house,
Warm red brickwork.

75 Stoneham Street, her new home since November.

Hot mid-morning Sunday sun.

A breeze stirs the Apple tree, recently pruned to applause from the next-door neighbour.

A piece of ground to accommodate the new garden shed has been prepared as like the alter table for Communion, neat, orderly.

Everywhere herbaceous plants are peeking through or establishing their presence, 
Nothing will be disturbed this year until each plant’s variety is established.

The house is drowsy dark inside with sunlight to cottage windows spotlighting books and music.

Stoneham Street is quiet enjoying Sunday morning lay-in.

Ginger cat leaps up on to a garden table and rubs herself against a watering can.