Friday, 17 June 2011

Gran Turino

Fun and excitement last Sunday:

Rise at 03:45 catch the 07:10 Ryan Air yellow 737-80 to Turin. Catch an airport bus to city centre. Arrive at the Golden Palace Hotel, typically Italian, dark marble and dim lighting. 12:30 pm work through to 01:30 am Monday with highly talented team of individuals, 23 people including me, on a new business pitch.

Arise 06:45 on Monday morning, micro-breakfast and see pitch team off on the coach to the client’s office! Catch taxi and race through cobbled streets back to airport for 10:10 Ryan Yellow back to London-Stanstead.

Fast, fun, fulfilling.

Featured pictures: Strange bridge, Chinese business man is taught how to tie a tie by his driver, picture of two lovers, taken from the airport bus