Monday, 9 May 2011

Martyrs on the Hill

Up the hill to Amersham on a fine Saturday afternoon. Walking on a path, through sown wheat up Amersham Hill to the monument erected in the 1930's to commemorate the 'Amersham Martyrs burnt 100 metres from the spot where the delightful '30 edifice stands. Larks in the air and clouds scud across the sky.

From the Amersham web site
The memorial was built to commemorate the Martyrs who were burnt at the stake in 1521. The Reformation had some roots in the Amersham. Prior to the Reformation, Lollards were condemned by the Church for such actions as reading the Bible in English and meeting and developing their own ideas.

As punishment and to deter others, 6 were burnt at the stake high above Amersham, so the flames and smoke would be seen by all and act as a warning. The daughter of one of the martyrs was forced to light the fire.