Friday, 15 July 2016

Dining out in New York - L’Apicio

A relaxing Italian experience

During Wednesday the girls had given the food stalls of Chelsea Market a run for their money.

Bron was hankering after an Italian (meal).  

A colleague in New York recommended L’Apicio.
Calmly tucked away, off the sidewalk, the service at L’Apicio was attentive and the pasta, gnocchi and sausage pesto dishes yummy.
Molto bene!

St Marks Hotel  A view from my office.
The time difference EST to BST meant that we were up early each morning. On the girls’ last day we again had breakfast together before I was packed off to school. 

They then decided what to do before the evening flight home.  It was a really excellent couple of days and a worthy culinary caper.

13 East 1st Street, New York, NY 10003

Monday, 11 July 2016

Dining out in New York – Buddakan

Buddakan - chic Asian 
‘Modern Asian’ in a modish setting, on a Monday: The jeunesse dorĂ©e of NYC are familiar with Buddakan and its obliging, thoughtful, far-eastern dishes.
Our menu choices did not drown the delicate Sauvignon Blanc.
The service is warm and professional at Buddakan.
Dress code is ‘downtown chic, fun, hip' declares the website.
St Marks, we grew to love it.

This was the first night of several planned by daughters Megan and Bronnie. I was over here for work; they were over here for fun, via my Air Miles.

Throughout our time in NY we stayed at the St Marks hotel. An unprepossessing yet friendly boarding house suggested by my client (it was very close to where I was working). After the initial shock,we grew accustomed to the place. It was clean and well situated downtown between 2nd and 3rd.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Marvellous Marigolds

Marigolds are hardy, annual plants and are great plants for cheering up any garden. 

Broadly, there are two genuses which are referred to by the common name, Marigolds viz. Tagetes and Celandula. Tagetes includes African Marigolds and French Marigolds. Celandula includes Pot Marigolds.

Our pots of Marigolds are flowering for ever it seems!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Painted Daisy: The bug blaster

Painted daisy perennials, Tanacetum coccineum or Pyrethrum roseum, repel many bad bugs and browsing animals that are prone to munching on your valuable plants.

Repellant properties are so beneficial that petals of the white variety are dried and used in the organic insecticide Pyrethrum.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Pests And The Painted Daisy Plant: Painted Daisy Growing Tips And Care

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Glory of Greystones

Dublin was enjoying heat wave
Wednesday was an afternoon off. 
I caught the Dart train to Greystones, the end of the line. 

Greystones is a delightful tiny town in County Wicklow, Ireland. It lies on Ireland's east coast, 17 miles south of Dublin. The Wicklow Mountains rise up to protect this area from the West. The town was named after the grey stones which ran between the two beaches on the sea-front. 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Hard of hearing yet warm of heart: A visit to St John Shottesbrooke

A remarkable double tomb runs the entire length of the north transept's wall

One can contrast St Michael Warfield (see the post PowerPoint in the Pulpit) with another church on which we called that day: St John situated in Shottesbrooke Park, now nurtured by the Landmark Trust and the Shottesbrooke estate. St John’s needle-like spire is visible for miles around.

The church is normally kept locked, but there are instructions on the door for obtaining the key. We followed directions that lead us to a row of cottages behind which an elderly, somewhat deaf, member of the estate was hard at work in the vegetable garden.  Speaking up clearly we was soon in possession of the key and access to a lovely church erected in 1337. This is a rare example of church built from scratch in the decorated style.   

Inside light pours in from all points of the compass to show a generous crossing and transept arches. AG Street restored the church in 1852 yet with a respectful hand.  The place was quite silent in the warm May sunshine, on a dusty table there were some sign of services held. We let ourselves out and returned the key to its warden.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

PowerPoint in the Pulpit

A number of parish churches one visits have a projector screen erected in the nave or just inside the chancel. This worrying development, for aside from the architectural disorder, it looks naff. 

Doubtless the modern churchgoer is keen on these encumbrances to enjoy PowerPoint presentations, lectures on good works and sing-a-long lyrics.

Last month when out churching with Mike, cycling south of Maidenhead, we entered St Michael in Warfield village through the good offices of someone in the parish.   Simon Jenkins (Thousand Best Churches) has St Michael as having one of the finest chancels in the Thames valley. However I had to ask that the huge projector screen be collapsed to enable me to draw a fine stone screen in the Decorated style immediately behind it.

And poor nave had been cleared of everything that could be moved to allow a constant stream of Mother and Toddler Groups through the week. We did not stay too long as the person who let us in was keen to see us out.

Coming soon: Hard of hearing yet warm of heart
A visit to St John Shottesbrooke