Thursday, 27 February 2020


March 8th is your last chance to see Troy: myth and reality at the British Museum.

The show as exciting as 2004 film Troy. In fact a poster with Brad Pitt as a delicious Achilles and Miss Bloom as the cheeky Paris is part of the display. The BM’s exhibition might not gross the film’s box office‎ of ‎$497.4 million. However it does serve as an opportunity for the BM to bring out and display some Roman marble masonry and Athenian bric-a-brac. Chatsworth House and the V&A have generously chipped in to help us enjoy some interesting things on which to gaze (over the shoulders of the hoards).
The Wounded Achilles, on loan from The Devonshire Collections - Chatsworth House 

Delightful Trojan Bric-a-brac

The British Museum remains a delight. Seek out Room 67 - Korea 300 BC to present if you want a real and peaceful treat. Avoid any part of the museum at ground level  - crowded beyond imagination most days.

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