Sunday, 23 July 2017

Blue Tee Shirt Club

Blue Tee Shirt Club  Watercolour on Paper 30 x 20 cm
For sale  Price on application 

A beach on Orkney inspired The Blue Tee Shirt Club

Then I went beach combing again, in search of prose and came up with this wonderful poem by Sylvia Chidi

Down To The Beach - Poem by Sylvia Chidi

Down to the beach
Down to the beach
On a sunny day we go

Beach bags packed with sunscreen lotions
Hands rubbing people’s backs in slow motion
Glistening oily bodies radiating with sensation

Down to the beach
Down to the beach
Where a chilly sea breeze blows

Let’s have some fun
In the red-hot sun

Down to the beach
Only there the ladies reveal saucy behinds
Whenever the raging sun is still kind

Down to the beach
As never-ceasing waves play across the shores
People happily play dreading any rainy downpour

Down to the beach
Where young lovers closely nestle
As sand creatures cause the sand to bristle
Seagulls gliding in the air with screams and whistles
Kids picking up shells and building stormy sand castles

Down to the beach
Where mostly good vibes flow
Down to the beach
We go whilst there is still sun without snow

Copyright blessed -

Saturday, 15 July 2017

More fish tales

Ronald Roach

Lucky I am to have another commission from Fallon's Angler, Issue 10. 

This time three illustrations, including a call for an illustration of a Roach, to complete the picture so to speak.

In his article Pysgota camlas by Kevin Parr takes in the sights and sounds and smells of canals in Wales. Yours truly adds a little water colour.

a little water colour

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Drawing on the Solent from 900 feet

Southampton as she is spoke, next up Beaulieu (spelling?)

Needles approaching fast - oh yes and the lighthouse
I have been lucky to sail on the Solent.
So when dear friend Chris Swinhoe-Standen, a flying instructor at Booker Aviation  - High Wycombe, suggested a jaunt  where would I like to go?
The Solent was a natural choice, to translate that sea and coast from familiar from ground level up to 900 feet up. 
Off we went.
Checks and inspections prior to take  off
No time to think, just draw, it was akin to map making and totally instinctive.
Chichester Harbour and West Whittering