Friday, 25 October 2013


September 2013 

Two hundred miles south of Paris and right in the heart of the countryside this is, Loiret, one of the original Departments created during the French revolution.

A short walk to the chateau
This is exceptionally green countryside with quiet roads and small farms; flocks of sheep the shelter in fields bordered by lovely woods.  

These woods seem to stretch right up through the region to the area of Fontainebleau. This is a geography intersected by rivers and a canal system, originally built to transport wine up from the Loire vineyards.
Loiret en France 

Last week I was here the literally for day’s business; we stayed in a delightful Auberge arriving late because of the horrendous Paris traffic. The meal that evening was memorable, as was the company. The next morning I woke early to almost no sound through my window wide open.
After the bulk of our business was done

My colleague Andrew and I drove just a little way out of the village on the way to the office and stopped at the small elegant Château of Combreux.

A few hours later, the bulk of our business complete, me made a delightful lunch in another village Conflans sur Loing, close to the factory, an Auberge nestling up against the Church and the Marie.