Wednesday, 29 August 2012


On the 25th of April 1949 Jessica Alice Garbett and Thomas George Seaman Baynes were married at St Botolph’s church, my parents.

It was arranged marriage, arranged by two friends of theirs, a couple who lived in London. No family were invited, my parents came up from Essex, by train, and walk from Liverpool Street Station, a few minutes from the church.

‘The present church, the fourth on this site, was completed in 1729 to the designs of James Gould, under the supervision of George Dance. It is aisled and galleried in the classic style, and is unique among the City churches in having its tower at the East End, with the chancel underneath. The font, pulpit and organ all date from the eighteenth century.’
Extract from the Guide to St Botolph without Bishopsgate

Early for a meeting I again visited the church and made a hurried drawing of the exterior and afterwards returned to step inside. It was a hot sunny day, inside the church was flooded with sunshine and totally silent inside, its cool interior impervious the noise of traffic and construction.

I had made a painting of the church, for my parents, in 1998 and whilst the church had not altered the surrounding were much changed.

After leaving the church, the wedding completed and witness, they crossed London to Victoria Station and thence to Brighton for their honeymoon.