Monday, 28 June 2010

Taking Stock with Lock

I avoid examining my work as it involves two uncomfortable activities: Standing Still and thinking.
Christine (Lock) suggested with her gossamer-touch, that we take stock of the print making todate.
So, six months of work, tution, guidance, suggestion, critique, encouragement, praise, mutual respect; a new and joyous relationship.
So, the output?
Terrific; 12 cities captured (28 x 46 cm) in colour, vibration and warmth. Each different, each attached to a single thread: enthusiasm.
Additionally 6 more pieces are soon to be given the finishing touch through the Press and six more days of press time booked to complete the representation of 26 places, journeys and priviledged encounters of which 18 journeys will be chosen.
In my line of business (trainer - the day job) I am accorded with some status. In January, in India, I was accorded with the title 'Guru'. I am nothing, compared with Christine Lock; tutor, teacher, cajole-er, friend, equal and master. I am totally sure of one thing: I still have much to learn.
The work is on